The Preserver - Work in Progress

The Preserver is a creature that wanders the forest, searching for those who might upset the balance of nature.  Demented over time, it's purpose has turned into destroying anything that shouldn't belong - it's main target being people venturing into the forest for common activities like camping, hiking, and general day trips.


For those who stray into its path, they can except to be slaughtered, their skin sewn into a large flesh cloak, and items such as credit card and headphones taken as trophies


This is my first large scale costume and I'm definitely learning as I go.  There are certain elements that I do plan on redoing after learning what I've learned, the biggest hurdle being creating walkable stilts.


The costume is on hiatus at the moment due to senior year, but will be continued after graduation.

© 2016 Astrid Georges