2015 Parade

In 2015, I was a teaching assistant for Otis' Creative Action class, "Whose Puppet? Multiculturalism, Puppetry, and The Parade".  That summer we collectively decided, after the oil spill in Santa Barbara, to focus on the issue of keeping our beaches healthy and the problems that arise when industries don't care about nature.  As with the 


As a TA, I assisted with research and the other students' projects.  Though I did tackle making three different puppets in the course of the two weeks of build on my own.


In those two weeks, I built a 7-8 foot shark puppet, a sand piper puppet costume for myself, and a simple, yet large barracuda puppet.  Cardboard, bamboo/wood, tape, glue, string, and a small amount of fabric were used for all the puppets.


We also won the Chairman's Choice Award for the second year in a row.


Article about the class HERE.

Small video clip HERE

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